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The Relationship Between George and Leonie Essay Example For Students

The Relationship Between George and Leonie Essay George takes care of Leonie and treats Leonie like a brother or a son. An example of this is how he speaks to Leonie, Leonie! he said sharply, Leonie, for God, sakes dont drink so much. . Leonie. You goanna he sick like you was last night. The way George speaks to Leonie is how a big brother or a father would speak to his son. Clearly, George cares for Leonie and doesnt want to see him get sick. Also at times George can get very annoyed or irritated with Leonie. He shows this when he gets trusted with Leonie George says, Matter we anti got. Thats what you want. God a mighty, was alone I could live so easy George says this when he gets upset with Leonie and he goes on a rant about how he could go to a cat house with his fifty bucks. Another trait about George is that he is a leader. George show that he is a leader when he needs Leonie to do something. George can instruct Leonie to defend himself against Curly, when Curly is beating Leonie. Get IM, Leonie! _ . George yelled again, I said get horn In this part Curly, the bosses son, starts to beat up Leonie. Clearly George acts as a leader when he tells Leonie to rotate himself. Furthermore George cares for Leonie and doesnt want to see Leonie hurt. The other main character, Leonie, is the man George takes care of. Leonie has 3 mental disability Which causes him to act like a child. An example Of this is when they were back in the town of Weed and Leonie saw a girl with a red dress and he wants to feel it because it looks soft. But because he doesnt know better, he doesnt know to ask if he could feel it, he just does it, and the girl screams rape. Another example would be Leonie doesnt understand the idea Of segregation between racism blacks and whites. For example, Leonie goes into Crooks (the black sable buck) room and talked to him not knowing that he is not supposed to interact with him. Leonie is child-like because he doesnt discriminate. Another way to describe Leonie is strong like a bull. In fact, Leonie does the work of two men, For example when the men are out in the field no one wants to work with Leonie because he is too taste and too strong. All in all, George and Leonie are two uncommon migrant men who travel together and care for each other as they go trot job to job. George affects Leonie in positive and negative ways, One way George affects Leonie is he is like a father figure towards Leonie. For example George cleans Leonie up after Curly attacks him, Clearly, George is concerned about Leonie and tells him, Maybe you better go in the washroom an clean up your face. George cares for Leonie and wants to keep him safe. Another positive is George also anticipates future conflicts with Leonie. For example George says, If you jus happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an hide in the brush. Unquestionably, this foreshadows Leonie is going to get into some kind Of trouble and George wants to hue a plan to protect him. This is good for Leonie because will help him be safe. Although George affects Leonie in positive ways, he also affects him in negative ways too. One negative is George use to play jokes on Leonie. Unfortunately Leonie understands knew that there is even a joke being played on him because hes n ot smart. For example, George says, One day a bunch of guys was standing around up on the Sacramento River. Was feeling pretty smart. I turns to Leonie and says, lump in. An he jumps. 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An he was so damn nice to me for pulling him out. Clean forgot told him to jump in. Unquestionably, this is negative because Leonie almost drowns because he cant swim. Another way George affects Leonie negatively is he tells Leonie about easy his life would he without him around, For example, George says,God mighty if I was alone could live so easy Go get a job No trouble Furthermore George goes on about how he would live without Leonie and this is active because it is hurtful to Leonie and causes him to be upset Without a doubt George affects Leonie in both good and bad ways. Leonie also affects George in positive and negative ways. One positive way Leonie affects George is Leonie keeps the Dream alive by always reminding and asking George to tell him the dream. Leonie begs, Ã'› Come on, George. Tell me-like you done before. To please Leonie George says, Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world No family dont belong Thats it We got a future Got somebody to talk to that gives a damn Unquestionably, this affects George because Leonie makes George believe there dream Will someday be reality. Leonie also provides companionship for George. For example they travel together and Leonie gives George someone to talk to. In fact, they always say to each other, L got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you To be sure George is affected positively because with Leonie by his side, George is never lonely. Although Leonie affects George in positive ways, he also affects him in negative ways as well. One way Leonie affects George in a negative way is he always gets into trouble. A good example of this is when they were back in Weed, George says, Well, he seen this girl in a red dress. Dumb bastard like he is, he wants to touch everything he likes. Just wants to feel it. So he reaches out to feel this red dress an the girl lets out a squawk, and that gets Leonie all mixed up, and he holds on cause thats the only thing he can think to do Undoubtedly, this is negative because this causes George to have to step in and leave his job and in order to protect Leonie so they dont kill him, for a false accusation of rape. Also George is forced to kill Leonie because of his actions he takes on Curlers wife. For example, Leonie accidentally kills Curlers wife and that is a big problem because Leonie is causing trouble for George, therefore to end the possible torture and the possibility of being canned he kills Leonie. George is extremely upset that he has to kill Leonie but it is for the best of both Leonie and George himself. As always George has to make a decision that is best for Leonie. Without a doubt, both Leonie affects George both positively and negatively. In conclusion, Many works of literature deal visa close relationships. This novel gave many grate examples Of a close friendship. George and Leonie clearly have their ups and downs and care for each other. Unquestionably George and Leonie affect each Other both positively and negatively. They both needed each other, and wanted to be around one another. If George did not have Leonie George would probably have a better life, With a stable job and everything he talks about having. Also if Leonie didnt have George he would be lost and in a mental hospital or jail. Clearly George and Leonie both give and take in this relationship and help one another, to create the story of a beautiful friendship.

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